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New Player Primer & the current state of Dragon Lands

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We have been asked to put together a briefing for new Dragon players and also to the Harts who have come over to guest with us while Albion is inhospitable.

If you need to contact the Dragon NPC team, please email, or ask a question on a thread on this forum.
Please send any character or unit background submissions to

The current NPC team is:

1IC – Pip Walker – Tiggerat, the Rhian Ddraig (Queen Dragon)
2IC – Phil Callan – Kellen Morghun, currently High Bard
Logistics  – Rich Jeremiah – Tristan, one of the Gypsies in the Dragons
Plot – Mark Rodda – Zolos Magnifico, another of the Dragons Gypsies


(Note - a more detailed version of this information will be made available on the Dragon Website in the near future - Phil C)

The Dragons lands loosely based on Welsh and Irish mythology, and are made up of Cymrija, Erin and Caer Dannon (an island in the Erin Sea).

This is a country with wild woods, clear lakes and rich pastures; of ancient tribes, great cities and twisted horrors. The great range of the Dragonspine mountains between Albion and Cymrija have a Dragon called Yr Ddraig slumbering beneath, which many tribes worship as an ancestor.

Many different types of people call Cymrija home. There are were-creatures, trolls and beastkin in the woods, and Fae in the wild places (native Cymrijan fae are elemental creatures that are tied very much to the land – the cerdwri). Tribes of humans who can trace their ancestry back hundreds of years dwell in the hills, as do the Uruks (a matriarchal society who worship dark ancestors). The lowlands, towns and cities are mostly filled with humans.

The current Penn Brennin (High King) of Cymrija is Kyle Morghun.


  This is a country which has been in contention between the humans and fae for centuries. A place where an argument over a cow can tear the country to pieces. Rich pastures, wild hills and proud people.

It is predominantly home to humans and Fae, split into provinces and ruled by a king or queen in each province. The time of the legendary Tuatha de Danan may be over but there are still many fae in Erin. Also the Fomor, the dark children of Dommnu led by King Balor, still plot to overthrow the High King and take control of Erin. There are also tribes of assorted beastkin, Halflings, Kobolds who make their home in Erin.

The current Ard Righ (High King, pronounced Ard-REE)  of Erin is Cael.MacLachlann.


  An isle of many mysteries. It once went by another name… there is history there we invite you to find out about it. As the seas have receded in recent years Caer Dannon has grown from a small island to a large province in it's own right. Caer Dannon is connected to both Erin and Cymrija by a land bridge which can be crossed at times of low tide.

  There is also a large town called Palingard in the south west of the island. There are smaller towns called Hernegard in the North West and Meergard in the South East. There is the ritual circle "The Ring of the Lost Hundred" with the transport circles of The Grove, The Orchard, The Transport Circle of Palingard and the Transport Circle of Hernegard.

The current Govenor of Caer Dannon is Nahiossi Evenstar, who also serves as Ard Brehon (High Sherriff) of the Dragons.


Three years ago (1110), during an uprising by a number of Dragon nobels, the ancient contract that existed between the High King (at the time), the land (which includes the people) and the ancestors, was broken. The ancestors ceased to answer the prayers of the people and the great Yr Ddraig was unleashed by the Dagda. The lands of our nation were torn apart. Many of the ritual and transport circles have ceased to work. Those who survived  or could escape the devastation assembled on Caer Dannon to begin the fight to get their lands back.

Please note that if you are playing a Dragons character you cannot have been living in Erin or Cymrija since the 1110 “sundering” without having first discussed this with the plot team (

The woods of Cymrija have grown wildly across the lands and the beastkin and other wild creatures seem to be possessed by Cernunnos (ancestor of the hunt). It is not safe to pass through those woods without slashing and burning on a large scale and even then the woods grow back very quickly. The wild things in the woods are out to hunt and kill and to attempt move through this area is highly dangerous.

The Dragonspine mountains which separate Cymrija from Albion are burning, Yr Ddraig is awake and has possessed many of the indigenous people. They are hostile to any who are not possessed. All towns and villages in Cymrija that were not walled are believed to have been destroyed. All walled towns that we have contacted are cut off and the people there are isolated and trapped.

  In Erin, much of the country is currently occupied by the Fomori, a race of Celtic sea fae. Their king and Ancestor, Balor of the One Eye, is obsessed with gaining the throne of all Erin. Travel into their occupied territory is not advisable. There is also a more sinister force in Erin known only as the Pax - Snake Demons who seem to have control over elemental creatures. They do not speak and they have their own agenda which the Dragons do not know, but wherever they pass the land shrivels and dies.

Caer Dannon is currently dominated by four large refugee camps: Haoin (ain), Do (dow), Tri (tree), Ceathair (ca-her). People from all over Dragon lands are crammed into these spaces. The Brehons (sheriffs) keep order as best they can, but resources are scarce and many people are desperate. Travel to and from Caer Dannon is easily done by ship or transport circle.


  At the very south of the mountains between Cymrija and Albion, north of the Kormavis/Bristol Channel, there is a small plot of land that determined refugees can fight through to get to Gateway Keep. Ships can sail from Albion across the Kormavis/Bristol Channel to Kormavis, a walled city that has been recently cleared by the Dragon army under the command of General Hadrian. It is currently defended by a light garrison and it will welcome all refugees.

  Smaller ships can sail further across the channel to the south tip of Cymrija to Caerdydd, on the South East tip of Cymrija. Caerdydd is the ship building capitol of the Dragons lands and until recently has been overrun by beastkin possessed by Cernunnos. They were cleared out by Hadrian and his troops. Again it was defended by a small garrison and again will welcome all refugees.

  Two ships ships from the Dragons nations, the Cath Seren and the Death Machine, are collecting fleeing refugees and leading Harts ships – as well as ships from Gryphons, Lions and Wolves – to these safe cities in Cymrija and also to Caer Dannon.

on behalf of Dragons Plot

Is there an established route between Caer Dannon and Gateway Keep? Is Caer Dannon the only functioning transport circle? (I'm asking only for info that Dragons would share with a questioning Hart trying to get from Caer Dannon to Gateway Keep by herself, not having travelled with the original boats evacuacting Albion.)


  There is no safe land route from Gateway Keep to Caer Dannon, as it involves crossing almost all of Cymrija. Some transport circles are working in Dragon Lands, if you ask around at the GEF and I'm sure people can provide you with the information.

  We're working to have more information up including maps in the near future to make these sort of questions easier to answer.



Thanks Phil. It was more of a "where am I now" question that something to investigate at the GEF, though. I left with Jackals and planned to rejoin some Harts at Gateway Keep before the GEF - only I've no idea if/how this is possible.

I can always go with "I didn't know how to find them so I caught up at the Fayre", though.

Maps are awesome, look forward to seeing them.

Webmunki Pete:
Max, as in Phil's opening text, the route from Albion to Gateway Keep is being used to move refugees out of the way of the floods.  The two keeps are really only being used to provide shelter for those refugees rather than a place for players to live due to the lack of transport circles and access.  Unless you found out at the last event, you likely won't know how to get to Gateway Keep from Caer Dannon so your suggestion is probably the best course of action :)



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