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Dragons Easter event 2014

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Hi all,

  The Dragons have traditionally always done a campaign event over Easter. We didn't this year, because of the first Empire event and the lack of support for the War Council. Assuming that Empire still runs over Easter next year, would you be interested in attending a four-day Dragons Campaign event over Easter weekend?

We're not going to talk about what the contents of event may or may not be at this stage; we have ideas, but we want to gauge interest before we start planning something that ends up not being supported by our players.



Im a bit torn on this Phil/Command. I said no i'd prefer to spend easter at home but its a mix between that and hell yes. Id like to spend easter with my children but often we have family that ask to do stuff with them so then id want to go. :S

Andy Mac:
If this were a long campaign event (Thurs - Mon) that would be epic. Pricey, I dare say, but epic.

There wasn't a button for YES YES YES YES YES YE GODS YES!!!!!!!

So I pressed Hell yes! instead.....

Admittedly, it will depend upon transport, but I put yes, because it would be pretty awesome. And I do want to go


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