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Summer Moot 2014 - Faith & Fire

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Hi all,

  As you will no doubt be aware we're gearing up for the Summer Moot, which will be co-hosted by the Dragons and the Bards Guild at the Dragons Eye Ritual Circle in Cymrija. Designs have been drawn up, props and sets are being built. We have plans. Oh yes, we have plans... :)

  We now have a full event setup team for the event but quite a few people have asked how they can help contribute to making the event as awesome as our last hosted event back in 2011. There are two ways you can do this:

  As you might remember for that Moot a lot of players produced posters for the wall of the set piece on Caer Dannon and they really helped us make that look like a real lived-in space. As the Dragons Eye is one of our most important places of faith and history, and at this time where our faith is being tested and called into question, we will be dedicating part of the set piece for tokens and displays of faith in our Ancestors. They don't need to be from your character or even representing your ancestor - they can have been placed there by any of our people in the build up to the event.
  Be creative: think of things we haven't thought of. We'd like as many of these are we can, preferably things that can be hung like SMALL banners, sashes or tokens on string/thonging etc. If you're planning anything larger please contact us to discuss.

  A word of warning - we can't guarantee anything you make won't get damaged or exposed to the elements (some may be used outdoors) and we can't guarantee you'll get them back at the end of the event. We won't be collecting them up and storing them, so don't donate anything you wouldn't be willing to never see again (or run down to the circle at the end of the event and grab it!  ;) )

  Secondly, the NPC team and a significant chunk of our usual setup volunteers will be tied up doing the main set build for a week (and probably horribly knackered) so we'd like as many keen people as possible to come to site on Thursday and give some of your time to help get the faction camp set up. The more pairs of hands we have the better. You don't need to have done it before, just to be physically fit, keen, and able to follow instructions. Unfortunately we can't pay your early entry or get you in any earlier than a regular player but if you could spare some time to support your faction we'd really appreciate it.

  Thanks in advance for this - with your support we can make this another great Dragon hosted event and show how far we've come in the last three years.


(on behalf of the Dragon NPC team)

In other news, it seems we were misinformed about how many setup crew we are allowed - we're allowed more! If you're free between the 26th July and the start of the Moot and would like to be involved, please get in touch or comment here and we'll get you on the list.

I'm guessing you're after simple stuff painted on cloth/ leather or even stuff from bits of string/ wood/ feathers?

How small is small and how big is the max (without needing to contact you)?

For example: I'm thinking dedications to various ancestors written on scraps of leather from various tribes,
I am toying with making a Crom spiral from sticks and string (the Boy Scout in me wants to play!)

Ian Murphy:
Anything bigger then an A3 sheet let us know.  Otherwise we will make it fit

Dyfed yr Troll:
Summer moot setup
I have finally managed to wrangle some time off work to do the Setup
please add my name to the list who can be on site for the full build as in 26/07/14 onwards
this will be my 3rd setup (1 Dragons and 1 Hearts -selby)

Also note that the if any unusual consiquences to my character (Leinster:Welcome home) Email to me by plot during this time will not be answered
Cauld coven "Boar" aka Dyfed
OC: Stuart Rambridge


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